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Are you searching for maids or trusted professionals who can work in your home? Then just call us! We are the most trusted home service providers in Kochi.

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For larger renovation and commercial projects, Life Maid Easy has a large network of experienced professionals available, ready to assist you.

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Everyone has different requirements. Our approach to providing the highest quality maintenance services is very simple – it’s all about trust, competence and integrity.

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Our professional services are
the key to your success

Life Maid Easy is a Kochi based company that offers professional residential & commercial on demand services. Most people do not have the time and energy to conduct their own domestic staff search for different purposes. This is where we help. We provide homes and offices with drivers, office & residence cleaning staff, maintanance staff, housemaids, nannies, cooks and post delivery care. Whatever be the requirement, we can assist you to find the most suitable professional for you. So if you are in search for post delivery care or maids in Kochi, then Life Maid Easy be your first choice. Our entire staff is committed to providing you with the best possible quality services. We look forward to serving you!


life maid easy services


Your customers and employees love to be in a clean and healthy environment. We provide top quality professionals for your office cleaning services in Kochi.

life maid easy services


We provide you carefully crafted cleaning services for your homes. Our professional cleaners are fast and efficient in what they do and they deliver the best services.

life maid easy services


If you are looking for maintenance staff in Kochi, we'd like to help you. We are a Kochi based company focusing on commercial and residential facilities.

life maid easy


We are hiring. We need maids, cooks, nannies, home nurses/care givers and post delivery care What are the requirements?

  • Are you fit to work?
  • Are you are a documented citizen of India?
  • Can you can provide Police Verification Certificate from your nearest police station?
  • Do you have a bank account?

If your answer to all the above is YES, then you are welcome to work for us.

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