Women in general are blessed with the ability to multitask. But it can be a little daunting for mothers, especially working mothers. Our maid are trained to make your life a little more easier. With past experience, they can cook, clean or manage the children giving you just the breathing space you need. Whatever your maids requirement be, we will have a package to suit your needs. Our maids are deployed after tight scrutiny, so you can just relax.

Maids In Cochin

Newborn Care in Kakkanad

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life. Her body goes through a lot before the baby is finally born. Most people assume everything is done once the baby is out. But that’s the time the new mother care is most essential. Our post delivery care professionals have the experience and hands on training to nurture and care for the mother and new born care .


Being a parent is a great blessing. Multitasking is a skill. But not everyone can juggle all the balls smoothly. Any child will ask for a loving home. But a mother, bogged down by housework can sometimes lose it all and snap. Even if you didn’t mean it, your words have hurt your children. Imagine having a nanny , who you could entrust your kids while you take that much needed break. Imagine your children coming home with the nanny from the park and telling you all what happened and you are all relaxed to listen to every single detail with a smile. If you are nodding yes as you read, then call us right now.

Nanny in Cochin

Cooks In Kochi,Cooks In Ernakulam

Switch on the TV after a long day at the office only to watch amateur cooks dishing out fancy dishes in record time. You cook up a bowl of instant noodles and you crown yourself Masterchef. Don’t fret. Scroll down to our number below and make that call. We have Cooks who can make delicious food – traditional Kerala, Indian, Continental and many more. They emphasize more on hygiene and health. They are specially trained to maintain good order in kitchen and limit wastage of resources.

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